Welcome to our New Blog!


Welcome to our new blog. We are launching it along with our new website and Paradise Facebook page.  In years past after developing film from a photo shoot photographers would make a "Contac Sheet" from which clients would see all of the photos taken.  Boy have the times changed!!


I made my first contact sheet at Natick High after shooting a varsity soccer game.


Film was king. Tri-X, Plus-X, Ektachrome slides and even infra-red films.  B&W darkrooms were a blast (NHS had 2 – I built one in what is now Ms. DePaulo’s office). Kodachrome was a treat for a high school student.  Digital technology has put the darkroom into our computer.  4x6 prints are now files on our hard drive.  Photos posted on-line have replaced photo albums.


Some things haven't changed. The smile on the face when looking at a special photo for instance. Or, the thrill the photographer feels when clicking the shutter at exactly the decisive moment.  Only now we can see it on the back of the camera immediately after taking the photo!


Our blog will cover current or unique photo projects or clients.  Tips and tricks for any level photographer.  New products for your pictures. Discount coupons or client specials.  Not to give away the first special but start thinking of you holiday card photos!